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Workplane Extras
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* February 17, 2017, 12:19:31 PM
Not sure if can be done!

I have a dc motor connected to a right angle drive gear box, directly opposite the gearbox there is a shaft that can be used as a input device for a variable speed control. all designed in tcw.

Working through a drawing with 100 layers or so, I needed to check the tolerance of 2 mated parts or objects. It occured to me it would be very useful to show all workplanes and how these parts connected since they were designed over 6 months ago.

Q. Can tcw show all the workplanes for these mated objects. eg: show like a 2d rectangle for every facet face?



TCW V21, 2015-2019 PP, Animation Lab V5.2 & Redsdk enabled, LightWorks rendering mostly.