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11 x 17 troubles
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* February 14, 2017, 07:59:02 AM
Here is my trouble.  Have a workspace of 11x17.  I create a viewport from that workspace.  I create a page and set it up as 11x17, insert the viewport.  Print it, it cuts off the edges?  on the page tab it show dotted lines on the edges, I assume margins?  How do I get it to print 1:1 no margins?

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* February 14, 2017, 08:53:36 AM
is the margin set correctly in page setup, (file menu - page setup) under the layout tab, if the dotted/dashed lines  are on the very edge in paperspace I'd guess they are at the paper size, whilst some printers can be forced to print to the very edge, I had one printer where I had to change its internal settings to get a full print, (I rarely bothered trying to print full sheet - too much hassle).

if you have margins set correctly, the dotted / dashed line would normally be a little way into the paper (in paperspace) at all sides assuming the drawing fits on one piece of paper..