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weird block behaviour - maybe after cut & paste
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* January 14, 2010, 09:07:37 PM
I haven't throroughly investigated the phenomenon, but I'm getting some weird block behaviour and I think it's after I cut and paste a block, particularly from one paperspace to another.

Firstly, switching layers on and off seems to take a long time. Re-opening the tcw seems to fix that.

Secondly, after re-opening the tcw, the blocks (section head and tail arrows) I've cut and pasted, on the paperspaces they were originally inserted on, have shifted from their defined insertion point to some other logical (illogical to me) point.

To clarify, the reference point is on the same point in paperspace. The contents of the block have shifted by the displacement between the block's defined reference or insertion point and the new reference point that TC has deemed more suitable!

All head arrow block behave the same. All tail arrow blocks behave the same.

Anyone seem something similar to what I'm seeing? Any hints on how to get around it?

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David Knowling
Windows 7 Pro 64, TC16.2.54.0