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* January 01, 2010, 02:06:15 PM
Trying out the demo version and dont tell me to buy something to learn this. This has to be one of the hardest cads I ever taught myself.
Now for the issue,  if I am working in 3D, how do I add objects to different planes.

i.e. im in isometric, sw isometric, each time I try to add an object in a different planes, it keeps giving me the same plane I am currently in, how do I change the plane.   ??? Some other software I have used, you click plane, click on the one you want to be on, changes and you keep going.....

Extremely frustrated at the moment and am seriously thinking about dropping it right on the spot.

Windows 7, TurboCad ver 15.2

* January 01, 2010, 03:08:13 PM
In TC, you start on the world workplane.  Other planes aren't accessible, in effect they don't exist, until you define the way you reference them.  Look at the workspace|workplane menu for the methods of defining them, or the toolbar equivalent.  Once you've defined the plane reference, leaving the plane for another means you'll have to redefine it to use it again, unless you've named it for future access.


* January 01, 2010, 03:29:20 PM
Well, I believe I found what I have been looking for. Just a matter of learning there lingo to know what I want. I know the planes arent defined until something is drawin. There is nothing there obviously.
Workspace/Workplane/By Facet.   ;D

They have alot of stuff inside this program, three programs from what I can see. Vector line Editor, CAD, Photo Editing software. They need to make three seperate programs or make the rest like an add on, you want it, add it, otherwise leave it out and use it as cad or whatever one you want.   :-\

That would make the learning curve so much easier and half the icons wouldnt be there for no use. I'm a drafter not an editor or graphics artist, most of this is just to fill space I assume. Just my opinion. Im sure it will get easier over time.   :D

Windows 7, TurboCad ver 15.2