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* March 09, 2015, 08:16:04 AM
I created this a few years back.  It has gone through numerous revisions.  I put it away a couple of years ago but I have recently picked it back up again as it needed some rework so I could put the graphics on a trailer.  I have really been struggling with the lighting and materials as I am very unskilled when it comes to that stuff.  I think I have got things to come around a little bit now though.

The second Jpg shows what the graphics installer installed on the trailer.

I would like to add some life to it though with some kind of shininess kind of like the second jpeg, but I haven't figured out how yet.  I welcome any suggestions you guys might have to improve on this.  I included the file if anyone wants to play with it also.


Deluxe 16.2
Pro Platinum 18.2
Running on HP HDX laptop w/win7 Home Intel Duo Core, 2.53GHz 4GB RAM, 64Bit OS