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idiots guide for SDK in Turbocad16 Pro
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* November 10, 2009, 03:52:23 AM
I need an idiots guide to input data into turbocad from prepared text files.
This could be *.TCR or *.TXT files


* November 11, 2009, 08:33:56 AM
What sort of data are you entering, and how should it be represented in TurboCAD? For example, do you want to import a bunch of xyz coordinates as polylines?

A sample of what sort of data you have on hand, and a description of what you want to do with it, will help us help you.


* November 30, 2009, 10:40:11 AM
I want to import data into turbocad16 from externally prepared data
for example

2.0 40.1
30.2 100.3
42.1 200.4
50.4 300.1
and so on

similarly for polyline, line and so on

Robert Downhill


* December 08, 2009, 04:26:08 PM
Sorry this took so long.

This is a dirt-simple, very unsophisticated Visual Basic 2008 project to import polylines, lines, and splines. It was created in Visual Basic 2008 Pro, but should also work without modification in Visual Basic Express 2008. Hopefully this, along with the sample txt file, will give you enough ideas to get started.

Note: I can't see a way to create fit-point splines in the SDK -- it only seems to support control-point splines. I'll post a workaround for that later if I find one.


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* December 06, 2010, 08:31:05 PM
I have a Turbocad V15 pro Platinum. I have finally got to the SDK parts as I have had the setup for only a few months. I am just getting into what I thought when I bought it would be my Pheniox as a design Draftsman. I am finding if I am right they must have taken out the VBS Script compiler or GUI so there is no way to directly work up a program...is that right?
I have found I can use Macro Recorder and draw a peice and then rob the script, rework it and just plug it back in there.
I was trying to download these fine examples but I don't know where to extract the file too. All I have found leave no exact explination. If you could is there a .Dill hiding somewhere in which you can reinstall the TurboCad GUI for scripting. Are they even planning to allow an Add on for those who would like to do this kind of drafting does anyone know.
The help in allowing exactly where to extract the file in Turbocad files would be a big help, if anyone has any advice, I thank you. I have had to uninstall my system twice lost a few drawings doing it and I don't know or trust myself to touch these fine examples. Thanks from Confused and a little let down!