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1;Open Window Mode and 2; Scaling
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* February 04, 2014, 09:42:39 PM
1; When using TC 12.5 Pro I usually had the "Open Window Mode" selected. When I use TC 18 Deluxe, I cannot find that mode.?????

2; Twice recently I provided a client with a .dwg file scaled at 1/8" to a foot, and he complained I had nnot "scaled" yhe map. Apparently he wanted the map to be a 1:1 scale;
that is 1" on the map to be 1" actual. Is anyone familiar with nsuch a setup??? In other words (I think) the 36" map width would represent 8x36 feet (288) and so forth, for a 1/8 scale and the ruler would go from 0 to 288 (EW) and 0-192 (NS). Can anyone explain this to me or possibly show me a sample of such a map? Does my version (attached) seem right?

Thanks, Bill Vlymen


* February 04, 2014, 11:50:00 PM
1) A few years ago TC changed the selection methods, now one drags from left to right to select objects fully within the selection window (closed window mode), and drags from right to left to select everything the selection window touches or encloses (open window mode) - well at least in pro, I assume same in deluxe.



February 05, 2014, 12:46:13 AM

I always model, in model space - full size.  Generally, there is no need, as far as I can see, to scale anything during the creation process.

So, if you save and send a .dwg file to a client,  it should remain full size i.e. 1:1.  They can then scale as necessary, if they so wish.

I hope this helps.

Regards Tim

Regards Tim

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* February 05, 2014, 03:20:08 AM
Thanks, Andy and Tim

I don't like the left and right way nearly as well as the open window mode, but they still describe the open window mode in the DeLuxe help file.

Tim ....

I know this is a dumb question, but I have always worked in paper space....What do you mean by full size. I think I can transfer my file to Model space O.K., but it is in a 1/8"=1" scale. I can change it if I know what is meant by full size.

Thanks to both of you for the interest.

Best wishes, Bill Vlymen


February 05, 2014, 05:21:47 AM
I have been trying for years, but I still haven't found a dumb question here in the forum.

Tim said he does use model space (full size), and I suspect most other TC users do also. Model space lets you draw anything full size; 1:1. You can draw a house, an airport, even nanometer size things in model space FULL SIZE! The only limitation is the degree of accuracy (ten decimal places) that the program imposes.

I even drew a full size launching system over (136 miles long) full size, including orbital pathways around a full size earth. Cool. When you wish to print your design, use paper space to scale it to the size needed for the size of the paper your printing on.

Full size drawing makes it easier to design, at least for me.

I hope this helped!

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* February 05, 2014, 07:44:35 PM
Copy your drawing into model space and scale it up by your drawing scale.
It is better to work in model space because all the drawing tools work in model space.

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