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Advice on buying a new work station.
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October 14, 2013, 08:54:56 AM
And greetings Tcad fans...  You know it would be nice if the Administrators on here could start a new separate forum on Workstations and peripherals best optimized for Turbocad. JMTC.

Also if you folks are looking for a very good software package to rate your workstation against others or new ones, check into PASSMARKS Performance Test software. It is about $26 us dollars; however it is very useable for the 30 day free demo (cant print or save). You can upload your machines system info, and performance numbers, as well as download info from others compare newer machines, etc, and judge the performance against yours.. It is extremely thorough.. It's cool just to see where your machine is at. My IBM Intellisation 'P4' rally dragged Rated like 284 overall, but my other HP Z210 rated at like 2186.. Way better, but newer 64 bit machine too.

Now off to my question. After 9 years the IBM intellistation has to be put out to pasture. It has served me well. I only had the hard drive get buggie a few years back. The machine itself never failed. IBM is no longer in the workstation market and has been handed off to Lenovo. Lenovo has a pretty good workstation line. Man... you can go crazy on price. Anywhere from $2k-$15K. I notice spending twice the price does not give you twice the computing power. I also notice several workstation mfg's seem to mention specific cad programs like AutoDesk, Solidworks, and a few others. I resent Turbocad not being mentioned given it's big following. Does anyone know if Tcad officials have done any beta testing for a specific machine?

I can't stand waiting for renderings. Admittedly, I have not spent time trying to figure out how to cut this time down, but it looks like CAD guys, dreamworks, and Pixar, has to do that kind of thing in order to get work done in a reasonable amount of time. I am looking into a Lenovo D30 series.  I could go crazy with price, but I don't think "Entry Level" machines are going to cut it for me anymore, but I can't afford a high powered CAD system either, plus you don't get that much more performance for spending the money. I need to find the sweet spot...   Right now.. looking to get two Xeon E5-2630 CPU's and a Nvidia Quadro K2000 or maybe a 4000. Aside from Open GL, I am trying to figure if Tcad will optimize (use) features in the hardware that will make it run very fast. I would appreciate anyone with opinions on this.

And finally.. Graphics card.. Talked to a Guy a "@Xi" PC's which make high powered Workstations that are overclocked. The gentleman says the graphic card is primarily exercised when rotating objects, but I find other sources saying the the GC also speeds up rendering... Not sure if the works in tandem with the CPU or what section of the hardware does what. It would help to know this in order to see what section of a workstation I should put the money into...

What do you folks think? :o


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October 23, 2013, 12:36:00 PM
Check with Turbocad and Redway3d about which video cards they support, I purchased two Nvidia cards that were suppose to be supported and SLI bridged then together but found out the hard way that what they say is supported sometimes isn't so. I run in GDI mode now. I have two 4 core Xeons and 16GB of memory but a single 7i with 6 cores and the latest memory is faster.

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October 25, 2013, 10:18:07 AM
A reason for getting a Xeon based system is that you get memory error checking and correction.  Standard i-7 machines don't do that.  This doesn't matter much for games and email but it does for CAD and database programs - the files can get quite large and there is a real probability of getting a memory error.  In TCAD< this *may* mean a corrupted drawing.  If you do a lot of work you will undoubtedly run into it.


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