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Version 11.2: Associative Dimensions Moving After "Place On WorkPlane"
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March 04, 2013, 02:53:08 PM
This issue is occurring in my Version 11.2:

Example:  In WorkPlane By World, I draw a Floorplan; I Dimension that Floorplan, selecting Associative Dimensioning.  For a certain reason, I Select All and Place on a (rotated) WorkPlane.  The Dimensions go kind of crazy; all the Nodes just move all over the place- up, down, to the left, to the right...- mostly (or, only?) it's the Dimension Text and the Dimension Line nodes.

If I click "Undo" (or access "Undo" via Local Menu)- or if I go back to the World WorkPlane and Select All|Place On WorkPlane- the Dimensions do not revert back to their non-screwiness.  Does anyone remember if this is a known and non-repaired issue in version 11?  Is there a work-around?

I tested this in (trial-registration) version 19 (which I probably won't get to keep, so I might be stuck with version 11 only for a while), and this occurrence doesn't happen.


Alvin Gregorio
Intermittent TurboCAD user since yr. 2000 (ver6.5).  No formal CAD Training.
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