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VB6 Tool to add all selected solids
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* September 25, 2009, 02:18:18 PM
This project for VB6 creates an add-in dll that allows you to Boolean Add all selected solids in a single operation. It also provides an Undo for the completed operation.

Copy the compiled dll to the Draggers folder in the TurboCAD Program directory.

*Updated 09/26/2009*
Put in some additional comments into the code regarding UndoRecords and deleting Graphics.
To summarize:
If you remove a graphic using UndoRecord.DeleteGraphic, don't then use the Delete method on the same graphic. Doing so can cause TurboCAD to crash later if you Undo the operation, then re-use the tool.

Code: [Select]
MyUndoRecord.DeleteGraphic MyDeletedGraphic ' -- marks the graphic for undoable deletion. No problem here
MyDeletedGraphic.Delete ' -- BAD IDEA

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