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Maybe this is obvious and I misunderstood you.
With constraints activated add the angle dimension.
F2 - for the calculator palette- and change the dimensions in the calculator palette. I was able to add a constraint dimension.
I would be interested to know how you script this.
General Discussion / Re: Trace
« Last post by nikkipollard on Today at 07:37:10 PM »
If you are going to explode a pdf with a brush check that the pdf has layers in a pdf reader. If you are lucky the hatch might be on a separate layer,   turn off the layer. Make a new pdf file without the hatch and explode that in TC.
General Discussion / Re: Trace
« Last post by Joel on Today at 06:53:30 PM »
Yes, if it's a vector, but then it's almost ready to go, don't need to trace. In my case, I was referencing scanned plans that were made into PDFs. They do not trace well.
General Discussion / Re: Drawing Accuracy
« Last post by minuteman64 on Today at 06:16:29 PM »
I've never set a precision in space units.  Checked out the drawing in question and it was set to 2.

Did two new drawings.  One with space units left at 2.  A second with space units set to 6.  Made an 8mm slot in each and checked the distance.  Drawing with space units set to 2 showed slot width as 7.96mm.  Drawing with space units set to 6 showed 8mm.

I think problem solved.
General Discussion / Re: Drawing Accuracy
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 05:44:34 PM »
Default and recomended by IMSI is Precision at 6.

I've never used Anilab, I'm trying to assign a constraint or dimension that can be animated or scripted because that looked at a glance to be the simplest way of doing without having to go plugin+learning curve.    I tried applying an angular dimension between the fixed datum line that the crank throw is connected to, and the throw, but it won't apply an angular dim between these elements.   Animating it by rotation the red line's angle in selection info does have an advantage over possibly constraining the angular rotation because undo/redo doesn't work when you edit a constraint, it does work for sel info edits, so it could be animated manually in selinfo with ctrl z/ctrl y.   

I think that you guys are right that the CS doesn't matter with constraints applied, I did that because it made more visual sense to me.  The RP doesn't even have to be relocated to edit the angle in selinfo, it works with the RP anywhere in the drawing.   
It can be manually animated by using the 2D selector, no bounding box, show object while dragging and just rotate the x handle approximately around the crank centre. 

Bit of a disappointment that it can't be done with constraints.  TC Mac and ViaCAD/Shark have an "animate" constraint.  I want that one in TC PC too.   

Another thing I like to do-- a sort of mini-Animation:

>Insert a Length/Dimension Constraint on that red line.
>Insert a Circle, its center-point location being the center-point of the crankshaft.
>Use the Edit (node) Tool to edit the outer end-point of the red line,using
>a Nearest on Graphic Running Snap (only Snap active), hovering over the Circle.  (Drawing Aids "Use Mouse position if Required Snaps are not Found" not active)

I get to sort of see the animation, cheaply
I haven't worked much with Animation Lab, so I don't know if this will get the job done for animation.  But

>I moved the red line's Reference Point to the crankshaft center-point.*
>Selected that red line; Workplane by World; Place on Workplane*  (just to get it all neat, and basic)
>I can now select it and change its angle in the Selection Info Palette, Metrics/Angle field.

Does that work?

*probably not necessary
I've done this, but dang if I can remember how. Assuming that you're using Anilab, my first thought is to make the crank an "Actor" and apply the Rotate command in Anilab. (Might be necessary to move its RP to the crankshaft center.)

Henry H
If I understand your observations, then this is not what I am seeing.

First, I noticed that the Coordinate System was set to World for both Extents and Inspector Bar.  I changed it to Entity and User, but it did not change anything that I noticed in the following steps.

Second, I selected the red line and rotated it by the X handle to see the black line connected to the red line's rotating end stay connected.  The black line stayed the same length, with its upper terminus moving vertically to keep the length constant.  The vertical black line connected to the rotating black line changed its length instead of its position (its upper terminus remained constant).

Third, I tried using the Rot Z entry in the Inspector Bar and operation was identical.

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