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Problems / Re: Turbocad 2019 Render Problem
« Last post by Torfinn on Today at 06:09:11 AM »
Did you buy the RedSDK plugin ??

There is a difference between v 21 and v 2019 as now RedSDK is a plugin.
If you have it, have you been to Options/ Native Draw and checked for RedSDK instead of GDI + Flicker free.

Also if you have RedSDK activated, remember to goto Advanced in Native Draw and check basically all the box there.
If RedSDK is active then rigthclick on a "Tea cup" and set it to use RedSDK render, then you can do that for Advanced render aswell, and you can use LW in some renders if you want

Problems / Hidden line broken for Xref with layers using GDI
« Last post by woodbutcher on Today at 05:24:57 AM »
Please could anyone check this out in TC2016 and later versions to see if it has been fixed? I am using xrefs in an architectural drawing to avoid the known conflicts with the wall tool, and found some problems caused by layer management.
The attachment has a master drawing named drawing2.tcw, the other 2 files are xrefs inserted into it. If you compare the viewports, the plan and iso views show both files displayed in wireframe.
The planhidden and isohidden paperspaces do not show drawing3.tcw, as this has its graphic on layer_1. This happens when using GDI in Options-Native Draw on my machine (see signature for specs). The problem also occurs in model space.
Other rendering modes (RedSDK and Lightworks) work OK on this set of files, but the much more complex real life drawing is unpredictable, sometimes wireframe goes missing too. There are also issues between layer sets and layer filters which cause a complex set of xrefs, one with many layers, to slow the display of design director - it "blinks" several times before settling down. No crashes so far.
I prefer the GDI hidden line as it is cleaner, not showing hidden lines as dashed as RedSDK does or the diagonal lines across faces as per Lightworks.
Having read loads of posts on this, I know that people use xrefs for this purpose - should I avoid any layers beyond layer0 in the xreffed files? Or do later versions of TCad fix this?  I've also noticed that layer sets don't work well with multi-layered xref blocks to control visibility in viewports, that requires layer filters in Design Director - is this fixed in later versions?
Apologies for such a long post, just trying to avoid ambiguity.
Problems / Re: Turbocad 2019 Render Problem
« Last post by MicheliDE on Today at 05:23:57 AM »
Ive got a 1 year old Dell laptop and it works ok, there is one small glitch with objects selected and when rotated they dont show any rotation until you finish movement with the mouse.

Can't remember if it was ok before the last Dell update, but rendering is ok.

Has a Nvidia 1050 graphics card and its an Inspiron I15. Maybe try the onboard Intel graphics card and retest 1st. That way you can eliminate the gpu.

Hi Darryl,

At the moment Dell is asking me to do a Dell Command Update where the program reinstalls all the drivers in order from a downloaded library. I am going to see if this fixed my issue.

Problems / Re: Turbocad 2019 Render Problem
« Last post by MicheliDE on Today at 05:22:00 AM »
I wish I could be using REDSDK. It is not supported for my card with windows 10.

Redway claims that their drivers work with all video cards from NVidia, ATI and Intel, but omits AMD.

Which GPU are you using?  And how do you know?


Hi Jeff,

It is a P3200 card built into a laptop.

In the NVIDIA driver configuration I see that I can configure by selecting redway for the program. On my previous laptop I had option for REDSDK in turbocad to config the driver. Has this been removed from newer turbocad and is it only managed by the NVIDIA drivers now?

Where would I go to select the Advanced Render option instead of the Quality Render option?

General Discussion / Re: Saving Styles
« Last post by nikkipollard on September 18, 2019, 10:30:03 PM »
A profiled wall component is on my wish list too.
 If that is not possible allow  doors and windows to be linked to sweeps or extrudes as well as walls.
Problems / Re: Drawing won't mirror properly
« Last post by Cliff2 on September 18, 2019, 06:26:16 AM »
Did you try:
1. Select All in the Arch. C Paper Space
2. Select the Mirror Tool
3. Click anywhere left or right of the border line
4. Tab to the angle field and enter 90° and press enter

In Version 21Pro it appears to be correct.
Problems / Re: Drawing won't mirror properly
« Last post by Brandon Meyer on September 18, 2019, 05:55:51 AM »
Ah brick. Very few homes get brick here in ND besides a little on the front for aesthetics. That will be a very nice home as I like the look of brick.
 A little off topic and sorry to Hijack but Alvin, how did you make your "speech balloon" to show the selection options. I find myself using photoshop usually but it can take some time to make it neat looking.
Problems / Re: Drawing won't mirror properly
« Last post by Alvin Gregorio on September 18, 2019, 05:44:09 AM »
A lot of info to digest.

Alvin,  The drawing you returned looks good......thanks.  I will check the samples folder too.
Dean,  I tried your tip, and it worked pretty well.  I  only had a couple of walls that moved when reversed.
Brandon, The double hatched line is the brick veneer.  Showing this and framing is typical here.  The surveyor and foundation guy use the widest dimensions, and blocks are set in 4" at grade level and above for the brick ledge.  The framer then uses all other dimensions.I do get carried away with dimensions sometime.  Also, I have gotten lazy with layer management.
Jeff,  What do I look for on transformation settings?

You're Welcome Roger.  Hopefully, you are using the "First Floor 152.--AlvinReversed--V17 -2.tcw" I supplied you via Reply #10-- it's in better shape than the previous one I uploaded.
I know you're busy in the field, so don't struggle too much trying to figure TurboCAD stuff out before posting on the Forum.

Regarding "Jeff,  What do I look for on transformation settings?":  See the image below.
General Discussion / Re: Saving Styles
« Last post by Torfinn on September 18, 2019, 12:52:43 AM »
I was going to ask what an slw file was, thanks.

If there's 1 element Id like to change from the videos is a wall style like weatherboard cladding, in oz and especially in Queensland there are many older houses that are referred to as a queenslander, Id love to create a new wall style like that. If I created a 2D profile of the overlapping weatherboards will that work for a new wall style?

No, as we can only make Recktangular objects in a wall style as far as i know, and there is an limit for 20 in a style, at least it was when i tested that option for the same reason as you some years ago, we use some simular cladding still :)

General Discussion / Re: Saving Styles
« Last post by Torfinn on September 18, 2019, 12:45:21 AM »
Thanks John

That was a great idea, as i have like a "Billion" different styles, Templates between 3 and7 Mb
I did test your slw , it did not updated/ converted between inch and mm but that is not important as they will be correct when i make my own.

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