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render problem
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* January 08, 2010, 11:14:22 AM

I'm starting my first 2010 project with TC16.2 pro.

When I use AnimationLab 4.4 to make an animation,
the First image is OK (render mode)
the Second is in WireFrame ?????
all the others are OK (render mode)
(See  reductor_165_bad.gif file animation,
and the images reductor_160000.gif , ...01.gif and ...02.gif)

Is there someone who can tell me why this is happening ??

When I do the render manually, it works OK.
(See reductor_165_98.gif animation)


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greetings from belgium (Pajottenland)
WIN 8.1/10 - x64
- TC 9 --> TC 16.2 / 52.0 pro Platinum
- AnimationLab 4.4 - MontageCenter 1.0
- CAM plug-in for v 16