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* September 19, 2012, 08:15:58 AM
I have been fighting this problem off and on for months, and need to get it resolved. I am trying to generate a fairly simple 3D model and export it as an STL file which is then the input to Rolands ModelA Player and Virtual Modela "test" program.  A colleague has generated the precise same shape using Solidworks.  The Solidworks STL file works correctly in both the "CAD Model" and in the "hard copy" machined on the Roland MDX-40. NONE of the TCAD STL files work correctly. I have tried both "additive" and "subtractive" Boolean operations, and combinations of both. NONE generate an STL file correctly.

I have tried this in every version of TCAD I have from 15.2 Pro up to the latest revision of 19 Pro.  I need to be able to edit this file "  in TCAD" CORRECTLY.

I have attached the V19 files...both TCW and STL (or at least tried to....evidently the form software won't accept a file with an STL extension).  How intelligent is that?? Not very, I'm thinking.

The odd thing is that I have generated other more complex models in TCAD which work just fine in the Roland software.

If I had any hair left, I'd be pulling it out by the roots.


* September 19, 2012, 09:09:54 AM
Try using "Netfabb Studio Basic" to correct any errors, and also read this thread here on the forum.


* September 19, 2012, 10:08:24 AM
Thanks, Michael. I had already found the posting about "Netfabb Studio", and giving that a shot is definitely on today's "to-do" list.  Will alse peruse the suggested thread.


* September 19, 2012, 05:08:40 PM
Thanks for the feedback.  I will pass this on to our in-house STL expert.


* September 20, 2012, 02:36:38 PM

I downloaded the Woody Rotor model and opened it in TC Pro v19.  Then re-saved it  as an STL file.   Closed the file in TurboCAD, activated the Axon 3D Print software from within TurboCAD and then loaded the STL version of the Woody Rotor file through the file open menu in Axon.  Axon is the software which is used with Bits from Bytes printers which IMSI/Design sells.

Although Axon initially gave me an 'Errors detected' message, the software opened the model and then successfully ran a 'test' build on the STL file.  No issues at all doing this. 

Our experience has been that most STL files we receive for actual or virtual  printing give some error message when loaded in to the Axon software; however, nearly all print, including those whose geometry was initially generated within TurboCAD.

I also tried to see if I could download the Virtual Modela software from the Roland site; however, I could not find a download link to do this.   The free version did not appear to be available anywhere else on the Web either.  If you have a download link to the Virtual Modela software, I would happily test this and other STL models generated by TurboCAD with this test software.


Bob Mayer