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Line Hops on Electrical Drawings
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* September 07, 2012, 01:51:47 PM
I do electrical design drawings for boats and ships.  I would like to use TC but its inability to accommodate line hops for intersecting lines precludes this.  An old posting suggested drawing a poly line, stopping at the intersection, drawing an arc, and then continue with another poly line on the other side of the intersection.  This is not workable as many drawings have literally hundreds of line hops.

Has anybody come up with a work around?  I am currently using Omni Graffle which isn't near as full featured as TC but it does utilize line hops so I am stuck.

TC Tech Support suggested I post hear and also suggested that there may be a third party app that can help me but I have not been able to find it yet.



* September 07, 2012, 02:14:29 PM
One suggestion: Make a prefabricated line hop -- a Polyline consisting of a straight line segment, a semicircle, and another straight segment. Place a copy wherever you need it. Edit as necessary to adjust the lengths of the straight segments. Tack another copy onto that one if you need more than one hop in that particular run.

Henry H


* September 08, 2012, 02:02:59 PM
TC's not a specialized app, but if you template suitable arc series with their selection points on their centers, selecting and rubber-stamping them on intersections as needed, then using the arc copy as a trim edge, SEKEs can make it happen PDQ.