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Excel and Turbocad - ease and automate calculations
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* August 02, 2010, 01:19:31 AM

My Aim ;D

I am using Excel intensively to calculate design parameters which I then need to transfer to TC by means of drawing - circles, points, lines, splines etc in the Model space.  I utilise in many instances of the calculations the goal seek function of Excel to calculate the parameters for the graphic items.

Further construction then is done in TC (the algebra too complicated for me in excel, thus construction methods in TC is far easier).  The calculated information in TC is fed back to Excel where I rerun the interpolation functions to get new results for the drawn items in TC.  I would like to update the drawn items with the changed information.

Until the margin of the errors in the design is reduced to acceptable levels I would like to freeze the design and update the TC model with the final calculated values for the graphic items.

From some of the 2D items I then want to create 3D items also from Excel.

After this final changes to the design would be done in Model space before the paper space outputs generated.

My Problem >:(

I am unable  ??? to even get a simple line to be drawn from Excel into TC model space.

What will help?
Sample that show the following:
  • How to link Excel with Visual Basic with TC - (I did that but get errors when drawing a line or point
  • Draw a circle and line from excel data - make an X, Y point for a circle with a R and draw it and also for a line - 2 sets of X's and Y's and draw
  • Construct the line to be on the tangent of the circle in TC.
  • Select the line in Excel VB again and double its length.

I will be able to get going from here :D :D