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Turbocad SDK Programmers List.
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* April 28, 2012, 12:03:38 AM
Hello All, just starting this post  to try and get some interest going in the SDK corner,in relation to syntax for the various functions in the SDK , in the various languages. There is a great benefit to having syntax examples for all the functions and procedures in different programming languages to aid the further development of tools or user routines. Kevan Chapman has been an inspiration, with the updating of the SDK and giving examples in various programming languages, but he also has a mammoth amount of work with his SDK undertaking.

I would like to see a list started of all the functions and procedures available within the SDK, that we can eventually add syntax and examples to for all the main languages used.

If you are a programmer/developer and have an interest in the SDK or examples, please post your examples,and also a list of programming languages that you use.

Between us all we may be able to develop some examples , by covering each  function or Procedure from a checklist, until we have examples for most of the SDK in the various languages.

All I need at present is your interest and languages that you are familiar with.

Please post any details on this thread.

Thank You!.
                    Mike Geraghty.


* April 28, 2012, 12:11:40 AM
Mike Geraghty :- Delphi XE2 Starter.


April 28, 2012, 05:48:12 AM
Very interested in your concept.  As a newbie I have some ideas of routines I would like to write in Visual Basic 2010 Express (and presumably forthcoming 2012 version) for my TC19Pro Platinum 64 bit.  I have not started yet as I am put off by the difficulties highlighted in  some other posts.

The routines I have in mind would address failings in TC that do not seem to be addressed despite posts on Wish List Forums.

Colin Reid

Colin Reid
TC2018 Pro Platinum 64 bit  + LW plugin on Win10 desktop and  Quad Intel i7 with 32GB RAM + 128GB  SSD and 2TB partitioned hard disk, NVidia 2GB video

* April 28, 2012, 09:35:24 AM
Hello Colin, glad to see you are interested, at first I am just trying to get as many of the programmers here on the forum on one thread so that we can get some idea of the numbers of people related to the various languages. In the next week or so, I will try and compile a list of all the procedures and functions in the IMSIGX_TLB unit for starters, with check boxes so we can add example syntax for the various languages and work our way through the list.

Some of the languages do convert well with the syntax in the SDK help file, although Delphi requires extended data in some of the routines.

Simple one or two line examples of correct syntax for each function and procedure for the various languages is the aim.

Getting the heads together at first  is also important, so we can come to an agreement on names used for variables , and keep some consistency throughout the various examples.

         TcApp = IMSIGX_TLB.IApplication  etc.

Mike Geraghty.
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* April 30, 2012, 08:47:40 AM
I have Delphi 2007 Architect version (all the bells and whistles) plus the Interbase SQL server to store data.

Perhaps I will update the package -- but it's a little expensive without and ongoing worthwhile project.

SW:TC 21 Pro Platinum, FM15, 20 Pro Platinum 64 Bit, also V 19.1 64Bit & 32 bit 17.2 and 18.1; Furniture Maker 14 and 10. HW: Vista 64 Ultimate, AMD 1090 (6 core) 8GB memory Plus also an AMD  8 core systemFX

* April 30, 2012, 04:14:59 PM
Hello Will, there should not be a need to upgrade your Delphi software, unless of course you want to cater for some of the 64bit routines. What I am proposing, is a full list of functions and procedures that are available in the SDK , with the correct syntax for the various programming languages and basic examples of usage.

Because I use Delphi, and not one of the languages shown in the main SDK documentation, I find that some of the functions in Delphi syntax require more parameters than in some of the other languages, so am in the process of putting together a list of functions and procedures with the SDK Syntax , and then setting about solving the  syntax for the various other languages between us.Very often we look at examples, but the syntax for our particular language is different, and then we go through a trial and error process trying to convert. Having the correct syntax for the various languages for all the functions and procedures is a must, if we intend to keep the interest of potential SDK developers.
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