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15.2 patch
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* March 22, 2012, 06:20:38 PM
I recently installed the 15.1 patch and then had to completely re do my interface. It reset everything to defaults. If I download the 15.2 patch will I have to go through all of that again? and that brings another question. Is there a way to save or backup my interface/settings, etc so that I won't have to do it all again should I have to re install tc 15?


* March 22, 2012, 06:49:11 PM
make copy of the config folder located in Documents+Turbocad 15+Config.And paste and restart.Alternative steps at the following links the beta testers offer.Shouldn't have to do a reinstall but may have to as a last choice if issues arise



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* March 23, 2012, 05:16:11 AM
re: …Is there a way to save or backup my interface/settings, etc…

See the Saving Workspace topic.

Once you have a custom Workspace saved, you can update or reinstall, then select your custom Workspace from the Load From list and click on the Load From button. Updating or reinstalling will not remove you custom workspace, it will replace the company supplied configurations though. This is why you need to create a unique name, not save to a supplied workspace. This only affects toolbars, menus and hotkeys, nothing else.

If you made changes in the TCExplorer palette (PenWidths, FontSizes, etc.), then you need to save a copy of your INI file, "TCW15_XML.ini", found at: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\IMSIDesign\TurboCAD\15\Professional\Profiles\Built-in. I usually save a copy to the Profiles folder just above the Built-in folder. Anything saved in the Built-In folder will be destroyed in a Update or reinstall.

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* March 23, 2012, 11:19:12 AM
Thanks, all of that was helpful. I'm going to grab the 15.2 patch and install it.

This is off topic but I really dislike that rating/level indicator because it's insulting and misleading. I've used Turbocad since the 80s and was called IMSI designer and came on 3.5 floppies. I've also been a member of this forum for several years but rarely posted and have used different ids over time. That wasn't a complaint, just a brief rant. I understand the need for it. Thanks for the help, it takes me about an hour to get the workspace set the way I want it. This will save me some time.