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Workplane Snap
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* October 14, 2009, 12:57:14 PM
My employer gave me a Turbocad 12 course yesterday for 2d and 3d so that I would be able to do some enclosure design work. Everything has been smooth sailing until I came across something in 3d which I could not figure out.
In the video, the instructor creates a 3d box which has it's large face in parallel to, but -5" in the y-axis from, the workplane. From the frontview (left), he selects 'Plane by active view', then uses vertex snap to draw the base of a cone on the top left corner of the box. He then types in the base diameter and height of the cone, and when he pushes enter, the cone moves from being connected to the corner of the box to the same position x and z position on the workplane. I cannot recreate this 'automatic move' action, leaving my cones attatched to the corners of the box. I've been spending a tonne of time that I don't have trying to figure this out. Does anyone have any advice for me? I'm sure it's a setting somewhere that I can't figure out.

ps - I got some points to move from the box to the plane when I vertex snapped to the corner it. No 3d objects though.


* October 14, 2009, 07:45:38 PM
Only explanation I can think of is that you're using v15 or v16 and have "Auto Workplane by Face" enabled. That option was not available in earlier versions. Turn it On/Off via the Modes menu in v15, or the Workspace menu in v16. When it's On, and the mouse cursor is on or near some face of a 3D object, that face will become highlighted in red and a new Workplane will be temporarily established in the plane of that face. When you've finished using it, the WP will revert to whatever you'd established previously.

Henry H