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* August 02, 2009, 11:56:32 AM
I am the proud owner of TCC Version 3.5
 I bought my original TCC for TC 14Pro and have since re-installed it into TC16Pro
TCC has not been upgraded or improved at all during this time.  Although it works, it has glaring problems that have never been addressed.  I use many work-arounds.
I can only assume that IMSI isn't really supporting this plug-in anymore because low priorities, low interest, low customer base etc.
Since I am a woodworker with a large CNC machine, my interest is in cutting and engraving wood, MDF etc. for cabinets, furniture etc. TCC is basically for machining metal things.

I am interested in 3D CAM--- something TCC obviously can't do.  I an not that interested in purchasing Vetric's Aspire because of the price.

My questions are:
1)  What is the difference between DesignCad19and TC16? 
2)  Is DC19 just a crippled version of TC16?  I have seen the advertisments for DesignCad and it's "features" etc, but nowhere on the IMSI site do I see a comparison between these two products ... or any other similar products that IMSI offers.  I am asking this question because ContourCam has a plug-in for DesignCad 16-19 that they say does 3D for $99.00.    http://www.contourcam.com/usa/default.asp 
3)  Has anyone tried the plug-in from ContourCam?

Lastly, many cabinet makers and assemblers use ECabinet from Thermwood because it's free, powerful, easy to use and you can send data to someone that has a Thermwood CNC machine to get your things cut.  Thermwood has an extension of .TWD.  This free Ecabinet program will not output any .DXF files.
They recently made it available to ShopBot owners to integrate it into their Partsworks files.
4)  Does IMSI have any plans to read this format?



August 02, 2009, 03:06:56 PM
I recently made a similar post, & I agree. I have asked the question if there was continuing development of the plug-in to no avail. I downloaded the designcad demo & cam plug-in. Was not the robust CAD program that TurboCAD is. I just did not like the look or feel of the application. The CAM package may do 3D, but it does not support 4th axis so I did not really give it a shot. Have you taken a look at MeshCAM. Full 3D & supports 4th axis. Here is a link. http://www.grzsoftware.com

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August 16, 2009, 12:40:31 PM
This is just what DeepStar & I are ranting about. Absolutely no response from anyone from IMSI. I guess they dont really care who haqs the CAM plug-in as long as they have profitted from the sale. Or maybe that is it, they have not turned a profit from it & are not going to develope it any longer. It would be nice to know though. I will probably have to go learn a new sw package. Well that concludes this rant. I was really trying to keep this section of the form active. Have a great weekend everyone.

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January 13, 2012, 05:39:08 AM
Any specific reasons why you didnt like contour cam From the videos I have seen It seams like a 2 1/2 D program with a Z axis profile  ie: if you had a 4 sided pocket with different angles on each Z axis wall then contour cam might have a problem . Would that be a fair assumption

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January 13, 2012, 06:13:35 AM
Boy, this is a blast from the past.

The contourCAM package looked OK. I am really familiar with TCC & did not see a real benefit to learning another 2 1/2D app. That is all. The only z profiling I would need in my line of machining would require a 4th axis.

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* January 17, 2012, 04:29:34 PM
Hi All

I have been evaluating a number of CAM programs as I have a requirement to do 2.5D and now 3D cam work (machining guitar necks) and so far the VisualMill seems to do everying I need. I have a spreadsheet where I have summarised my results for the 11 programs I looked at. I really did like for TurboCAM plugin for TCC v15Pro and for the profiling and pocketing. It is good because of the integration with TCC, easy workflow and great price (for v15pro only). So I will use TurboCAM for now and once I make some money from this CNC stuff, upgrade to VisualMill for 3D CAM.

Just my thoughts


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