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Help with profile for large contour file
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* April 07, 2011, 01:53:14 PM
Here is a message I sent to the surface model support email. I thought someone on the forum might be able to help...  I have TC18 Plat with Surface plug in

My goal is to create a profile of water and sewer lines. I've been running thru the tutorials, but am having trouple with some basics.  Can you please help.

1) my file is of existing contours and is really, really big (as in 2 square miles).  My pipe is 1 mile long.  How do I isolate the corridor my pipe runs along so that triangles don't have to be generated everywhere.  1 mile by 20 feet wide would work.  I've been trying to use the CLIP WINDOW, but it does not trim the contours like it did in the tutorial video on Editing Triangles.  It only keeps what is fully included within the selection window.

2) if CLIP WINDOW doesn't achieve what I am trying to do in number 1, is there a way to trim the contours by drawing two 3D polylines, 20 feet apart, and trimming.  TurboCad does not appear to allow trimming or splitting of 3d polys.  Is there a way with your surface modeler.

THANKS! Is there a basic description of steps to achieve a profile from contours. I am struggling with what is out there for directions.


April 08, 2011, 09:10:10 AM
I've struggled with the documentation, too, but found the developer to be helpful at getting issues straightened out.  If he's not monitoring this site frequently, ping him at jerry.simington@comcast.net
and he usually responds.  He's posted several video tutorials on various aspects of this program that have been extremely helpful in my understanding of how to work it. 

Steven D. Thompson

* April 10, 2011, 08:19:47 PM
Thanks! I've heard nothing yet and will try the email. It has been the weekend and I can understand, but hope to find some help since I have a project deadline coming up.