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Unhandled Exception
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* July 13, 2009, 05:07:01 AM
I am relatively new to drawing in TurboCad and use TurboCad 14.2.  I have had some help in the Forum before and hope you can throw some light on the difficulties I am experience at the moment.
To date I am working on two 3D drawings which have several sub drawings, which need to be assembled later on.
The problem that I am having is that when I do a draft render on one of the sub drawings I get an "Unhandled Exception" error message, and the drawing needs to close.
The impression I have is that the crashes only happen when the sub drawings reach a certain level of detail and complexity. I also believe that once the drawing has crashed TurboCad alters the drawing in such a way that the drawings will crash on any computer no matter what the set up of the computer is.
My computer has a dual boot up system, using both Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate 64 edition. It has 8Gb of ram and the virtual memory is set 4 Gb. The drawings crash of course on both systems. Nothing I do to the set up of the computer makes any difference.
The questions I have are: do other TurboCad users have the same problem, although I noticed that there is very little correspondence concerning "Unhandled Exception" problems, which seems to suggest that the problem is not wide spread..
Have I reached the limit of TurboCad?
How large a drawing can Turbocad handle?
Is there an answer to my problem?
Is it a computer problem or a Turbocad problem?
Who can sort it out?

Hans S.


July 13, 2009, 02:25:55 PM

I am not sure I can be of much help, but as I remember 14 was not very stable and had some problems. !5 was better and 16.1 seems to be more stable.  Be thankful you are getting the warning as my version of 16 platinum would crash without warning leaving you looking at the desktop.  I haven't had that problem with 16.1 yet.

Jon Coxwell, AIA
Windows Win 7x64
TC19,20 32 bit, 20,21,22 64 bit (Platinum)
RedSDK usually off  Win 10 pro

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