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new symbols going missing
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* July 13, 2009, 05:40:18 AM
Hi All,
I was just saving a new bar scale as a symbol and when I went to add it in a new paper space, it was not there under My Symbols.  Should I not be saving the My Symbols folder as a .slt file? (version 16.1)
I was not able to find the new bar scale symbol in the My Symbols folder and cannot open the .slt file



* July 13, 2009, 10:13:51 AM
They've changed the way the Library palette works and I'm not sure why. Try going to the "All Symbols" page and  use "Refresh" from the palette Local Menu. That should reveal all your symbols. If your symbol has question mark, then you need to select the Symbol and use "Update Thumbnails" from the Local Menu. There are several lists to choose from in the "Create Thumbnail" dialog on how you want the thumbnail(s) made.


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