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Walls in Arch and Lighting
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* March 18, 2011, 09:08:55 PM
So I have drawn some walls but when I want to switch the colors on some of them it switches on lots of them.  Is this because of how they were drawn?  Also I did something with a light and now it is really bright but I dont see any lights, where might I find them to change them?


Greg Boheman
version 17.2 Plat.
on Mac book Pro

* March 24, 2011, 10:47:16 PM
It's hard to tell without the drawing. Where exactly are you making this change to "colors"? If you're working in the Selection Info palette and change the Pen Color in the "Wall Style" section, this change will affect all walls that are assigned that Style.

The standard Lights are always set to Invisible. In the Design Director palette, click on the "Light" property. You should see a list of lights. Select them all, then click in the "Visible" column (eyeball) to make all the lights visible. When you did an initial render, the Point lights were placed where you were viewing from, but usually not the greatest location when going to other views.

John R.

V17—V21, 2015—2019
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