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re: Named Views - layers?
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* March 12, 2010, 11:51:49 AM
Using TC14.  I have a drawing with a lot of layers, mostly each layer is a part.  If I have several named views, each done with a different set of layers visible, it seems that they do not carry those layers into the named view.  Rather, the layers turned on at the time you select the named view.  Am I missing something here?  Shouldn't a named view retain both the applicable viewpoint as well as 'only' the layers in the view?  Thanks, Roger


* March 15, 2010, 10:15:04 PM
I am having a little trouble following.

In model space you can control the layers that are visible.  You can then save that configuration to a Layer Set.  You can then change what is visible on screen by changing to another Layer Set.

Where I am having trouble following is that what you are describing sounds like you are working in Paper Space and are refering to viewports as named views.

In Paper Space press the spacebar and select the viewport border (box shaped window that displays what is in model space)  then right click and choose properties.  Choose Viewport on the left, you should see the named views that you saved from model space off to the right.  This is where you select the named view that you want to display in the viewport.

You can work in the Paper Space viewport using Workspace - Model Space (Floating) if you want to.  Yes you will have to save all of the settings and then call them back when they are needed so far as I know.  I am hoping TC 17 addresses the issues you brought up, there is mention of better layerset management, we will have to wait and see.

Sorry for draging this out if you already new this.
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* March 16, 2010, 05:17:18 AM
Hi Rod:
Thanks for replying.  I've attached a simple file with 4 blocks, each named to a different layer, and each named to a view (View1, 2, 3, 4).  It is done in Model Space.  When I named View1 for example, only Layer1 was on.  If I turn on other layers and then select View1 again, the view perspective will be correct, but the other layers will also show.  If I don't have Layer1 turned on, and I select Named View1, the block 1 will not appear.   It would seem to me that when you name a view, it would capture the view and also reveal only the layers you had on when you Named the view.  But it doesn't.  Hope that is clearer.  Thanks, Roger


* March 16, 2010, 08:08:08 AM
I am really pressed for time for the next few days, but I will help as much as I can.

You are confusing named views with layersets.  The named view is the camera view that you have given a name and saved back so you can restore that exact view at a later date.

Layersets are a similar concept, but they control layer settings that you can save and restore.  Same with workplanes.

Set up a view and name it then create a layer set that displays the layers on screen the way you want in Model Space.  Go to Paper Space and insert a viewport and select a named view to display in that viewport.

That named view and the Layers that were on when you inserted the viewport will part of the properties of that viewport.  You can change the layer settings for each viewport that you insert.  Open the viewport properties as before only this time check the boxes for the layers you want to display in that viewport.

You also may not be seeing what is in the viewport even though  the view is correct.   Select the viewport border and go into floating model space and then zoom to extents and see if the model shows up.  Click outside the viewport to return to Paper Space.

Hope I steered you in the right direction.

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* March 16, 2010, 08:40:25 AM
Thank you.  Very Helpful! Roger


* March 16, 2010, 12:06:46 PM
My first post was messed up.  You save layer settings in a Layer Set not a Named View as I first stated.

I should have been more careful when editing and previewing.  I have modified the post so it reads correctly now.
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* March 16, 2010, 12:14:53 PM
re: I was wondering, is there a way to edit a post once it is in the forum?

Click on the "Modify" icon on the right-side of your post.

John R.

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* March 16, 2010, 12:18:20 PM
Thanks John

 I just found it and corrected the post.

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* March 20, 2010, 04:12:26 AM
 It would seem to me that when you name a view, it would capture the view and also reveal only the layers you had on when you Named the view.  But it doesn't.  Hope that is clearer.  Thanks, Roger
Hi Rod.Roger,
Thanks for discussing this.
Firstly:     My take on this - as a 3d cad user new to Turbocad is:
I cannot believe the levels of controllability that are accessible in the TC package. – Great!.
Second:   I noticed the same thing as Roger, but I thought it was just some quirky malfunction of my new setup [which is not being very nice presently]
-It would be nice to have usability of layers in the fashion Roger initially described.
Third:      My point – Learning Turbocad is very demanding. I have to be working constantly on TC with no major interruptions to make progress. A usable personal setup is proving not to be a straightforward thing to achieve and I keep getting “thrown” by  my expectation of how Turbocad should behave [“like other 3d competitors”] and the reality which is –Something like the-very accurate- foregoing layers dialogue.
My copy of TC 16.2 sits here smiling contentedly out of the screen at me, with all this control accessability and clever graphics toolsets –( Rod details one example [layers] above ).-and challenges me to make it function as a usable thing.

Sooo… By all means and please keep the controllabity levels, -Oh Ye whose task it is-, But also please clean out duplications and differing descriptors and quirky’ find the current icon’ tricks in the menu sets and please provide a sensible “fast track”  introduction for newbies  like eg me which HIGHLIGHTS all the known issues whichTC users are having to put up with because of the Marketing and programming convenience decisions [ which are clear to end users btw ] ..and.. the help file I am using is accurate (I think) but  all page references appear to be 20 pages wrong – This ain’t good pals] – an unnecessary discouragement.

Like you Rod I await v17 with interest but this software needs  more than one or two additional iterations to stand against the big hitters – but please don’t put the price out of reach dear marketeers - by then you will owe these forum contributors big time.
Price is what brought me here.
Currently I am wasting time having to write stuff like this
Most of the problems are known
So are the answers
Please fix – soon [Bells and whistles can wait] :(
Frank G
16.2 pro plat vista ult
sorry names reversed first post  edit[Ro..  sounds like Ro.. ]
fixed now I hope ::)

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* March 20, 2010, 12:40:49 PM
Opened my big fingers. (mouth)

I told my dad that I wanted to respond to Rogers post, but I was so tired at the time that I new I would probably make mistakes.  I was right about that at least.

I agree that it is not easy to wade through the documentation of any program and learn how to do the actual everyday tasks.  Most of what is provided in the industry for documentation is more command oriented than task oriented, much less process oriented.

It is really the end users of a particular application who have figured out how to accomplish real world tasks with the program.  These are the people that have the knowledge and experience to answer the type of questions you are asking.

This forum really is a great place to ask those type of questions and to recieve input from some extremely accomplished folks.  I have my two cents to throw in at times too.  I agree that I would like to see the features that Frank mentioned implemented in TC.  I actually have some strategies that I have came up with that have helped me to improve my working envirornment.

Now just does not seem like the time to share those tricks though.  I would much rather wait for v17 and pound on it for a while to see what it can do before commenting.

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