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How to materials browser for multiple 3D parts of a Regen object?
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* June 28, 2010, 04:12:27 AM
Let's say we have a Regen object that defines 3 parts:
A box, a cone and a sphere.
Mission: Have UI to select materials for each of these Regen's geometry parts

An example Regen that has several material browsers is the TcStair Regen.
It has material browsers for the stair's thread, rising and landing parameters.

1) Enable the "Architecture" tool palette by right-clicking right below the main menu - "File Edit View, ...".
2) Activate the "Straight Stair" tool and draw a stair by specifying first its width by two points and its length by a third point.
3) Enable the "Selection Info Palette" using the steps from point 1).
4) Select the newly created Straight Stair object, go to the Selection Info Pane and expand the Materials tree view node. It is from there where you can browse materials for different parts of the Stair.
5) The same material browsers can be found in the Properties menu - right click on the Straight Stair object instance and select "Properties".
6) Go to the "Stair Materials" tab on the left.
7) On the right part of the dialog, note that there is a pop-up to choose the specific part of the Stair object - riser, thread, landing and below this pop-up is the actual material browser control.

1. Observations:

-> I have found how to add a material browser to the properties dialog but it is inactive for unknown reason. A tab called 3D is created which includes a materials browser. But it should govern the overall material for the whole Regen object - e.g. the group object containing all geometry parts.
-> Haven't found why cannot apply material to a custom Regen object.

2. Questions:
1) How to add a tab in the Properties dialog, that has custom name and contains custom controls - for example three material browsers?
2) How to make the contents of the 3D tab enabled?
3) How to allow a material to be applied to the whole Regen object?

See the attached screenshot.