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*Intended* rendering of SA-5... The Business End
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July 24, 2010, 06:03:58 AM
I'm sure you all are probably tired of seeing this image, so I apologize; however, my TurboCAD Challenge entry did not actually look as intended.  I had rendered it in the 11th hour (literally), but ran into an odd memory issue (or so I assume) that caused blurring of image wraps and height maps in the upper right corner of the image.  This blurring seemed to be caused by X-Refs (I think X-Refs require more memory to utilize, unfortunately); this also led to blurring of subsequent non-x-reffed versions of the file when rendering was attempted.  The solution for the later files was to restart the computer, but I found that out too late for the TC Challenge (as in the next morning  ;) ).

Actually, my initial rendering attempt showed much more of the booster, including the bold red "UNITED STATES" above the "SA-5" text.  The blurring forced me to change views to minimize that part of the model.  On the plus side, changing views allowed a much better view of the surface detailing.

Here is the comparison of the blurred (actual TC Challenge entry) and the non-blurred (intended) versions for those who are interested.  The renders were done with ACIS Faceter set to "Draft" and the Render quality set to "Quality, Full", so as to avoid the dreaded Out-of-Memory Error:

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