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File size & exploding
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* May 27, 2010, 01:19:07 PM
I have some problems with a file that I hope someone can help me with. I have a blueprint that I have drawn and I have used hatch patterns to do the front evevation (brick, stone, & sand to represent stuco). The floorplans are in 2D and all elevations are in 3D. This plan has a number of angle walls so when it is viewed in the different angles the hatch patterns show thru the wall and 3D objects. A while back Henry or Don suggested that I could explode the hatch patterns about 3 times until it becomes all lines, then give them a 3D thickness. This works but it increased the file size from 1.45mb to 3.5 mb and has increased my "hidden line" render time to about 30 sec.. Is there a better way?
  Also I found that when I was exploding these patterns I had to put the pattern on a layer by itself then do the exploding and adding the thickness, I then created a group of the results and moved it to the finished layer. At this point the hatch was stuck on both layers at the same time. To fix this I had to turn on both layers and then delete the first layer. Is this normal?
   I have since tried to copy and paste this drawing to a new drawing and I get a pop up "Object extents invalid Object(s) will be deselected. Is there a size limit to what can be copied and pasted?
  The drawing crashed towards the end and the autosave file only shows this drawing at 600 kb is this normal.

Sorry for the long explanation
Myron  TcPro 16.2


May 28, 2010, 12:04:03 AM
Are you certain you know why your files exploded in size?  When documenting projects, I used to create several Paper Spaces with rendered views in each one.  The files kept getting larger and larger, with rendering times (even in Model Space) getting longer and longer.

If you have several Paper Spaces with rendered images, go into the Viewport Properties and activate "Render for Print Only".


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