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Been a very long time since I was on this forum
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* March 23, 2010, 05:45:21 PM
It was not in this format the last time I visited.
Nice to see some of the names I saw here
5 and 6 years ago still turning out incredible

I am still running V10 as it does what I need
for solid and 2D work when it comes to machining.

With the exception of doing Mr. Cheke's battery
cut away tutorial several years ago, I have not done
much "true rendering experiments"

It would be nice if someone here could resurrect
one of my favorite renderings.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe it was
one of Mr. Easterday's works. It was what I
believe was a Colt Python rendered as if
it was lying on a crushed stone surface.

I am on about my 3rd or 4th computer since
I last saw it. I saved it then but it is
long time been lost to me.

While I have enjoyed looking through the gallery
on this "new forum" layout, and have seen some
incredible works.

This particular one still stands out. I believe it was done
in V8 or V9 it is truly amazing that it looks as good as
it does even after all the "upgrades" since then.

So if you are the  author of this fine piece of work,
please post it again so that those that are new
to TC and those who have been around for a long
time may enjoy it again.

One of my current projects is building an 0.308 caliber
air rifle. It will use up to 4200psi. compressed air as its power source
and will be filled from a 6000psi nitrogen tank.

There is a gentleman who cast and sizes bullets for the
.308 air rifles that I have gathered a smorgasboard
of sizes ranging from  62 grains up to 177 grains.
This rifle should push the 177 grainers to very near 1000
feet per second. I will be using a Lothar Walther match
grade air rifle barrel blank on this project.

Hoping it will be a good coyote rifle out to 150 yards.

I just about have all my 2D drawings finished and have
started on some 3D drawings, I will post them when it
is assembled in the virtual world and let you see them.
My light and material renderings are not up to
what most of you folks are capable, but it may end up
being  presentable.

Some of you "old timers" may remember seeing this
one. It is one of the only few where I tried to do a
"photo quality" rendering.  While not that close,
it is the closest I have ever gotten. I think this
was done in V9 or 9.5 if I remember correctly.

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* March 24, 2010, 04:41:02 PM
Welcome back!