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Re: May need to look for an alternative answer to 3D drawing...
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December 23, 2019, 01:08:22 AM
Well! that last flury of activity has been very rewarding, much of it was over my head ... (inspiring rather than depressing)

Over the w/e, I re-drew the cone from scratch and the hollow cone problem vanished. Thanks for all the advice I should have listen to earlier, ( trapeziums with gaps!)...

The fragility of my system STILL remains. there must be a pattern but objects vanish, commands fail to do the same thing ,..

I confess, I do experiment with procedures, in the past this has been a powerful learning method but re tracing a failed procedure may leave unrecorded errors, (user error)!!

Maybe the following text is verbose, it was an attempt at being thorough;

I believe a re-install is on the cards as a Christmas present.


Thanks for all of the help, I am now nearly ready to send this model for 3D printing,     it only took 45 days, It would still take me several days to repeat it from scratch!

I still need help with a few ongoing problems that have been covered all ready, but not adequately'

1. Saving and recovering drawing board layouts.
 1. 1. From the start, I needed to create a layout signicantly different from any of the options that appeard in Tools / Customize—›Options....themes

I  saved a template I liked, but could NOT recover it.

However,  on  browsing  avaiable templates  my templates where there as *.XML files! Is that the file that should be loading?

If sO, first problem is how to access those files for applying when needed. 

Right now I simple overwrite the CadCourse as my layout. Not very professional behaviour!

Any ideas....?

  1.2 I have felt the need to re-install TCAD several times and this obviously looses any user made template.

It may be possible to save the my xml files externally and add them to the options after TCAD has been installed BUT I believe there may be a file somewhere which keeps a register of files and this would need to be edited as well., I hope that is clear

Any comments

2. Colouring objects

When I was using TCAD 10 years ago, I found this task relativly simple, I used a brush, pallete and a material; I believe that there was a simple distinction between pen and brush 

There was no reason to use levels and I do not recall the many ways that palettes appeared.
All in all it was far more simple and quick to learn.

I would like a DETAILED list of commands, including where they are found and detailed parameter passing protocols etc.  OR a pointer to where this exits, e.g. a video

3. System instabilities
As mentioned above, I have reinstalled several times and will repeat that very soon

For example, right now I sometimes click a button or some such and the drawing or part of it vanishes. a redraw gets it all back, it looks like a system failure to me.

4 What constitutes a valuable reply to a request for help from the forum?

I feel I alluded to this in 2, above.. The vast majority of replies to my questions have been full of useful advice and helped a LOT.

But some replies assumed I am a competent, trained user,  I think it may be assumed that I need to be told NOT just what command name is needed but whether it is a button, where it is found,  the hierarch route from the standard menu etc...

 Even some of the better online help videos assume existing knowlege, or go so fast that I am for ever stopping and back peddling.

Sorry its so long winded, but I hope it's clear...

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* December 23, 2019, 02:58:44 AM
That is your cfg (UI), not your Template
Most easy way is the way you do, use one that is close to what you want, adjust it to your like and then Save/ rename it.
That you do in Tools/ Customize >> Options, about in the middle of the menu there is Load From and Save in, you overwrite it with your unike name in the Save In, then that name will turn up in Load From, and in the future you can og there, click on the little Arrow on rigth side of the name and you can choose your, and the click Load From if you need after a crash in example, and you are back to your normal cfg, what i assume you meen with Layout.
And it's saved as 2 files, you need both of them,  *.xml and *.xcfg, this 2 you can copy out of TC if youi want to save them in a different slace as a securtity, and then copy them back if you delete/ destroy the original.

Select an 2D Object, rigthclick and open its Property, there you set/ change pen color style etc, ditto for Brush.
Make a 3D Object, do the same thing and set a Material
Or you can do it in Selection Info Palette if you like, i normally use Palette.

Then you are most likely in RedSDK mode, if you have bougth the RedSDK plugin.
In case go to Options >> Native Draw >> Advanced and check all the checkbox there and you done need to Redraw or hit F5 all the time, if you dont have RedSDK, check Flicker Free if it's not, just below GDI.
In the Helpfile all the commands and how to use them with example is listed, and also some basic videos about how to use TC, so take the time and read it all, but can be good to take it section by section as there is lot of info there.
Many of the videos go way to quick, but possible to Pause it and roll back if you did'nt see what happen in example, and then try to do the same in TC before moving on in the video to next step, combine it with the written helpfile.

Most of the time it's just waste of time to re install TC, sometimes shortcut etc og away, then you og to Windows >> Features and Apps, find TC in the list and Select Modify, after a few step there you get options to Repair, check that one and let the program fix it.
BTW, TC should be closed when you this.

And a very seldom time TC is messed up by the user (normally ) and we delete our personal setting in the Built-in, then also close TC, rithclick on win button Down on the rigth of your screen and Select Run, the type in   %appdata% and enter, that will take you Roaming, and you click your way in to the built-in folder, typical placed in;
C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\IMSIDesign\TurboCAD 2019\Your Edition\Data\Profiles\Built-in.
It say delete what's inside, i'm lazy so i delete the full Built-in Folder if i ever need, TC will then rebuild it when you start TC next time.
The "bad" about this is the you need to Select your cfg/ template etc to get it back to how you had / want it to look like, but is only a couple of minute to be back.

To make a Template, where we save styles/ materials of whatever we want to save, we do that in a drawing where you set it up to your like and save as a *.tct.
The easiest way to do this is after you choose Save As, on top ritgth of thatr menu there is a button, click on that and tou will by default get 4 Choice, Select Template, then a little lower on middle, where the write the name, be sure to Select *.tct, and TC will save it in correct Place, typical in;
C:\Program Files\IMSIDesign\TCW2019\Template\Your Edition\EN, or a different Language then EN glish if you use that.


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December 23, 2019, 05:56:44 AM
Well! that last flury of activity has been very rewarding, much of it was over my head ... (inspiring rather than depressing)


Hello Jim.  I have the answers to most of your questions, but I'll (hopefully) let someone(s) attend to them.  All pretty simple stuff-- once one knows.

But I just want to say:  You hung in there!  Good for you.  "inspiring rather than depressing" is exactly the attitude and mindset needed to persevere over the first threshold, which, once passed, a whole new horizon becomes visible and surmountable.

Keep hanging in there!  TurboCAD Deluxe will serve your needs, and give you plenty of cognitive exercise and enjoyment-- and, hopefully, sense of satisfaction-- as a hobby.

Alvin Gregorio
Intermittent TurboCAD user since yr. 2000 (ver6.5).  No formal CAD Training.
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