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Layers - Baffled By
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* June 17, 2019, 10:41:16 AM
I found I could use the first exercise on the training CD packed with my copy of TC 19 Deluxe. I had problems previously as the Training Guide seems to have been for an other edition with small by significant operating differences.

The exercise involves 3 Centre-lines on a rectangle. The CLs and rectangle are on 2 separate layers.

I tried to apply the same principles to a drawing of my own, but just could not make them work. After I'd realised I should have used TC's Student Template - which might be why I had a lot of trouble with the dimensions - I examined the settings very carefully, made my Layers menu follow the same rules as the templates'.

The Student 2D Template has about 6 layers, with one for the outline, one for centre-lines, etc. I made a New drawing just to make sure I could draw a rectangle with its two centre-lines, with outline and CLs on their own layers.

Yet although my own drawing's tool-bar indicators for the Layer name, visibility-on and colour were all correct, the By Layer sign was on and the Properties seemed to agree, the CLs consistently adopted the  outlines' properties. I switched back to the Student Template drawing and verified I was operating it correctly; I verified my drawing's layers menu read the same as in the official template... Sometimes too, I found I could not select the lines I was trying to draw.

So what was wrong to give this strange cross-layer effect?
Also, is it possible to put all the line properties in the layer? If not, editing dimensions' Properties to the consistency and appearance you want, is very laborious.


On TC Deluxe 19: hobby use.

* June 17, 2019, 10:35:17 PM
Yes, you can set line properties by layer, but dimensions set without layer settings will maintain the settings you've applied in each session, resetting to default (the settings that will apply to new dimensions, not to those you've drawn already) when you close the program.  Format painter is a tool that takes the properties of one object and applies them to another, if your version has it.  It's not laborious, or you can select all of those dimensions together, and harmonise their properties by nominating them in the property bar above the drawing window, those settings will be applied to the selected objects. 
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* June 18, 2019, 03:05:22 AM
Yes, it does have Format Painter - I'd not noticed it before).

What was laborious was having to process each dimension separately, because for some reason I could not always apply the same properties to them all at once.
The thing that baffled me was why when I tried to copy what that exercise was telling me, it worked in the set template but not on another drawing; where it all seemed to contradict itself.
Someone very kindly set up that Student 2D template, but I cannot see what he or she did to ensure its layers work every time.

I could not make the exercises' orthogonal dimensions work either. As far as I know I was following the instructions carefully. Some were by Quick, and they worked.  The others depended on setting the Vertex snaps to pick centre-line ends and outline corners, but I couldn't make it pick up the corners. It kept going for the lines instead. Thinking about it I wonder if I should have re-joined the outline after having to explode it at an earlier stage, to give definite vertices, but the instructions don't tell you to do that.

Nor did I have much luck with trimming a circle to a slot, because despite the Inspector Bar and Snaps values, the circles and trim limes were very slightly misaligned. I had to cheat by very small changes to sizes or positions to make these entities meet first.


On TC Deluxe 19: hobby use.