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AnimationLab Productivity
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May 18, 2019, 09:14:28 PM
Id like to see a new version of AnimationLab v6.0 with some new tools and features added and the productivity improved.

Productivity enhancements could be improved with the Keyframes and Scenario editors by use of the TAB key alone, at the moment we are welded to the mouse and working in Keyframes editor can be a little imprecise when moving between rows and columns because of their size. Likewise the Keyframes editor would benefit with the TAB key by permitting the user to move between columns quickly, thereby removing the need for so many mouse clicks.

Whereas if the development team added the TAB key functionality to the either editor it would improve the speed at which you can navigate around the interface on any given row and increase functionality, performance and productivity.

Id also like to see the integration of mp3 sound files, thereby reducing the overall size of the underlying sound files required and more importantly reducing the animation size.

Id like to have more control over a sound file, say starting the sound file at key point in time and likewise ending at a key point in time. Thereby eliminating the need for a third party sound editor.

Id like to see new templates added for the say Youtube where the templates covers the most common interface options required and not leaving up to the user to figure what is and what isnt required. This alone would be a big productivity enhancement.

Id like to see the functionality of calculations added where a user needs to adjust a specific value on an actor in the Keyframes editor and all actors ( below ) are modified as well. For more information see AnimationLab.chm / AnimationLab.pdf by Andy H ( Using Spreadsheets to make scenarios )

Finally Id like to see more samples files that cover a broader range of animations possibilities. Adding these features alone with other long time user requests could form the basis of AnimationLab v6.0 and give IMSI a new updated software tool to sell.
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