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Saving drawing to PNG in perpective view causes problems
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* February 12, 2019, 09:05:06 AM
I do a lot of technical writing (steam trains) and like to illustrate all the words with pictures. I have no problem with normal drawings being save to PNG (then uploaded into a publishing package). However, sometimes it is good to see a perpective view but the moment I try to save as a PNG it gives me multiple images on an A4 sheet, decreasing in size as these images march up the page.
I have had this problem over several versions of TC, now on TC 2018DL on W10 plenty of memory on a Lenovo all-in-one.
This is also the case with JPG files.
Anybody got any clues?
John Bateson
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* February 12, 2019, 09:36:30 AM
You will need to "Tile" the pictureprint.
When Save As and a pic format, then click on the setup and you will find the Tile, Heigth x Width and divide that on 1 000 000 then you will get the numbers of Tile's to use, round it up
I think to remember i have seen that some have used max ( 256 ) as a standard, but not sure about that


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* February 12, 2019, 12:40:01 PM
See the topic Re: how can I transfer a TC object as a picture into MS Word. It has a chart of various sizes with their "Tile" or megapixel number.

BMP & JPG can go to 16,000×16,000
PNG can go to 8,000×8,000

John R.

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