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Printing PDF drawing sections full size
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* February 06, 2019, 06:40:47 AM
I have a 48" x 36" drawing which was scanned to a PDF format. I would like to be able to print a section of that drawing at full scale. I have created paper space views and tried printing 1 to 1 but the scale is off. There are dimensions on the drawing that I am trying to match.
Is there a way to adjust the printed view to show the true size without a lot of trial and error?
Using TC Deluxe 2018.


* February 15, 2019, 12:04:54 PM
If I understand what you are trying to do, try this.  In TC, go to model space of the drawing.  Create a view of the section you want to print full scale.  Go to a blank paper space page and insert a viewport.  Click the properties box to be sure the viewport scale is set to full size or 1:1 (this may be where your problem is).  When you print, make sure the print setup scale is also full scale, you can print directly to pdf using a pdf writer such as Primo PDF or Cute PDF.  Finally, when you go print a hard copy of the pdf file be sure the page scaling box on the print page says None. 


* February 15, 2019, 11:11:28 PM

It is hard to work accurately with scanned images because they aren't in a vector format even though they are PDF.
But you could get is as accurate as possible.
Check the scanned image is scaled correctly? Measure 2 points that you know the dimension of if its not right scale up accordingly.

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* February 15, 2019, 11:59:35 PM
This is the way I get the true size of scanned images.
On the the drawing, choose two pairs of points that are easily found on the imported image. One pair in the X-direction and the other in the Y-direction.
Measure these distances as accurately as you can - let's call them xd and yd.
In model space, use the dimension tool to create two dimensions; one between the two x scale points and one between the two y scale points. Suppose these turn out to be xm and ym.
Select the whole image in model space, including the the two dimensions, and then tab into the x-scale field, press F2 to bring up the calculator and type xd/xm and press enter. Copy and paste the result into the x-scale field, hit tab to select the y-scale field, use the calculator to compute yd/ym and copy/paste the result in the y-scale field. The press Enter to scale the entire model correctly. The dimensions should now show the measured values and the whole image is the correct size.
I do the x and y scales separately because scanners often generate slightly inconsistent aspect ratios. If you are satisfied that your scanned image  has the correct aspect ratio you can use a single dimension and insert the same ratio in both the x and y scale fields.

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