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Problems With Copy
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* January 14, 2019, 11:44:54 AM
I drew a rectangle that is 1.5" wide and 36" tall.  Next, I added multiple horizontal lines and used Object trim to create my desired pattern.  The pattern is a column of squares and rectangles with .75" gaps between them.  Bottom is a 1.5" wide x 3" tall rectangle, .75" gap and 1.5" square, .75" gap and 1.5" wide x 3" tall rectangle.  A column of blocks, 1.5" x 36".  I want to repeat this column to the right (or left) with .75" gap between them.  I've been experimenting with the copy functions, after reading how to use them, and cannot get the results I desire.  I am a metalsmith and use this software to draw up parts that will be CNC water jet cut.  I have attached my file which is parts for a mailbox, I will be fabricating.  Seems to me, it should be easy to select my column and then use some command to copy columns side by side, .75" apart.

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* January 14, 2019, 12:37:06 PM
There are a few ways for this task.

For just copying a column,  one could.  select the column, which has an 'X' size of 1.5,  add 0.75 gap = 2.25, with the column selected,  select linear copy tool.  type in x = 2.25, y = 0, z = 0, sets = 7 (or whatever).

Before drawing the column, on could just use one smaller rectangle, and one larger rectangle at top left,  select them both gives a size of 1.5 (x) and 5.25 (Y).  using this information one can set up an array.  1.5 + 0.75 (new gap) = 2.25.  5.25 + 0.75 (new gap) = 6.  With them selected, activate array copy.  type in x = 2.25, y = -6 (as we want it to go downwards), z = 0, row 6, column 7, leave level at 1. press return key.   Just wondered, could you not use rectangles instead of all line.

# Edit## just to add another way (more work), select the column,  activate make copy on the inspection bar,  click in (tab to) the delta X field, type in 2.25, press return, this makes one copy of the column, repeat as necessary by selecting the new column and re-enter delta X 2.25,  turn off Make copy.   ## End Edit ##

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* January 14, 2019, 03:31:32 PM
Thanks, Linear Copy was the tool I needed, used and accomplished my goal.