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Dynamic Cut Plane in Draft Redsdk: "Renderable objects", "Suppress Hidden Lines"
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* December 18, 2018, 05:40:32 AM
Dynamic Cut Plane doesn't work correctly in Draft Redsdk render if "Renderable objects" and "Suppress Hidden Lines" options are turned on. (TC 2018)

1) Select File/Open. Select the file "two_boxes.tcw" and open it.
2) Right click in the drawing area and select "draft rendering". It works fine.
3) Now go to View/Camera/Properties.
4) Select Draft Render, enable "Renderable objects" and "Suppress Hidden Lines" options. Uncheck "Non Renderable objects". Press OK.
5) Wrong results appear for dynamic cut plane.

Currently the cutting plane functionality is fully working only in RedSDK Draft mode. In other RedSDK modes and in GDI Wireframe only the cutting plane graphic can be shown, but the real cutting is absent.