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Updating Model Space Viewport does not update in Paper Space
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* November 20, 2018, 02:50:40 AM
I have named a viewport in Model Space and I use the same viewport in three separate Paper spaces - for A1 size print, for A3 size print (fitted to page) and for A3 size at 1:500 scale.    When I amend the Model Space by adding or removing layers, these changes do not automatically reflect in the various paper space spaces.    I need to change the layers being displayed in the Paper Spaces.    What am I doing incorrectly?

Using TC 2018 Deluxe only in 2D format.   Happy to provide more info if I haven't made myself clear.


* November 20, 2018, 03:03:52 AM
Nothing if i understand you correct :)

If you add layers in M Space they will not show automatic in P space, you will need to turn them on in each viewport
If you delete layers then the objects from this layers should be deleted aswell and by that not show in P Space.

There was a terrible periode (2015 to 2017) where the layers was on by default in P Space, so if i had 30 viewports in a drawing and made 10 more layers, they did all show in P Space :(, so it could take hours to clean up, thats why terrible :)


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* November 20, 2018, 04:43:28 AM
You can use layersets to control visibility in viewports. It is quite useful with lots of layers

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* November 20, 2018, 02:41:50 PM
<Many thanks Torfinn.   It is good to have some confirmation of a non-action which I was experiencing.    I understand you completely.
Many thanks Nikkipollard too for reinforcing the layersets route.    This I have already tried but again I must have been doing something incorrectly.  It seemed that once I set a layer set I could not see its selected layers in the pop-up Layer screen (on the RHS of the UI) - all I was getting was all layers.   Do you happen to have a set of instructions which you could send me and I could try again.

Perhaps I should explain that I am working with a surveyor's drawing with 248 layers, 112 of which are blank and I generally need about 10-12 layers to be used for specific results.


* November 20, 2018, 09:20:08 PM
That pop up has never worked for me .
You should get a list in the menu - my menu its under view layerset
 The thing I like about  that method - you can assign a layerset to a viewport If you change the layerset all the corresponding viewports also change.

Be careful when using them in conjunction with filters because filters override layersets - it can get a bit confusing.
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* November 21, 2018, 04:40:09 AM
Thanks nickipollard.    You have given me another insight into Layersets.   I don't get a list, as you indicate, just layersets names appearing under "Format" in TC 2018 Deluxe.    But I do seem to get some better interaction with the my pop up screen list of layers.
Its all looking much better now and I will press on with greater enthusiasm.    I appreciate you comments and experience.
It is interesting to note that many months ago I sought help from Support in Lahore to explain when to use LayerSets and when to use LayerFilters.    Their answer was absolutely no help so I didn't pursue it anymore.    In fact I found the "tcw25.pdf" manual didn't help much either.