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Offset Tool TC2018 Expert
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* October 12, 2018, 10:22:41 PM
Hi folks, is it just my PC or has the offset tool stopped working correctly since the latest update? 
It appears that no matter what value I set in the distance field of the offset tool, the offset ALWAYs applies itself as a positive offset (outwards). 
Before the recent update, I was able to set the distance, and then the number of lines/items to be offset.  When I selected the item to be offset, I could govern which way the offset was applied by clicking on the screen either inside or outside (above or below) the selected line/item and the offset would apply in that direction.
Now no matter if I enter a positive or negative value, click to the inside or outside (left or right, top or bottom) of the item it ALWAYS is applied as a positive.
I have tried everything to reset the tool etc, even setting default in the workspace customisation.  It is possible the tool may have corrupted (fat fingers etc :))  Any help to identify the issue, and/or to let me know what the default values that need to be applied to the tool are, would be very much appreciated.  I am using TC 2018 Expert latest update on a PC running Wion10 64 bit.

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