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* January 14, 2019, 08:49:56 AM
I thought I would enclose some pics of the finished model I posted awhile ago. Modeler's pay attention it isn't about my modeling skills but being able with the help of TC being able to take a drawing nothing else and create a 3D model of it. The only way I could tell my design worked was to build it. So all you modelers if you learn TC you can do all kind's of things and with a 3D printer almost limitless. If I learned you can to in the beginning it is frustrating but once you get it it's great and TC is always there to help you on something you do not know how to do and has videos for you to learn!!

ok Now about the boat
 I did the frames laser cut, the flags , decals, gauges.
3d printer -port holes, rear vents, whole interior of the boat, flagpoles.
I have  to mention the gauges I printed them on an old HP2400 series printer and I took a 30x loupe to see how they came out and I mean some lines were like .008 to .010 thick and the accuracy of this printer was incredible. I dred the day it breaks because you can feed small sheets in it the new ones you cannot.
 The front cabin hatch vent opens oooooooo, the cabin hatch opens ooooooo, the cabin  door opens ooo la la said the french girl in the audience. Even the toilet seat lifts I don t have pic of that. I used doll house hinges The windshield and trim are all metal and it was a job cutting and  bending it .
I couldn't use a belt sander the would krinkle so I used pliers with a rubber band and used a Dremel sander w heel 2 inches at a time what a job and had to eye ball it. A lot of cut finger's and pain from all that. I have enclosed the pics in a separate file because they did not come thru last time and I had to redo all this typing.


* January 14, 2019, 01:15:06 PM
That's really a great job.

Henry H


* January 14, 2019, 03:14:07 PM
Excellent work.   

I understand what you mean about building to prove design work.  I drew an existing church, but to prove my drawings are accurate enough I'm (very slowly) building a 1/50 th model.

Hope you don't mind but I merged all your images into single thread, saves people commenting same thing on multiple threads
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* January 16, 2019, 07:18:43 AM
No I am glad you did I could only post 3 pics at a time or it never went the thing is it doesn't tell you it is not there so you think it went ok when you post it.