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Help Please
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June 14, 2018, 11:08:35 AM
I have a drawing I am trying to produce but i am struggling with one part of it. So I am asking for help/advice on this.
So please see attached 2D drawing of the product and as you will see the contacts curve inwards at the ends but I cannot figure out how to do this, using Deluxe 2017, I know it probably a really easy fix in Pro but...
I have also attached my 3D file have produced so you can see the problem I am having.

Any suggestion will be gratefully received :)

James B

Using Plat Pro 2018
Windows 10 - 64-bit
Nvidia K620
But still slow :(

* June 14, 2018, 02:46:51 PM
James.   I don't know if this is the correct shape, as I only glanced at the pdf, and didn't bother with any sizes.

Its made from extruding the red and blue closed profiles, then Boolean intersecting.  Next I extruded the green and Boolean intersecting with the resultant object (this gives the rounded bottom edges).  Then extruded the cyan and subtracted it.  Lastly added the bent handle (magenta).


* June 14, 2018, 03:05:28 PM
My two bits. I made a Spin with a 6mm radius of the body, then reduced the rotation angle to 12.12879°. This method will give you a smoother bend. It just needs some work to make the point.

John R.

V17—V21, 2015—2019
Designer, Deluxe, (Professional, Expert, Basic), Platinum
RedSDK enabled
Windows 10 Pro (1903), 64-bit

June 14, 2018, 03:59:10 PM
John & Andy, I really appreciated the replies thank you very much.
In the end I followed Andy's instructions and it worked perfectly :)  see attached :)
Yeah :)
thank you thank you thank you 

Using Plat Pro 2018
Windows 10 - 64-bit
Nvidia K620
But still slow :(