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2018 persistent bug
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* June 23, 2018, 07:30:40 PM
I installed the trial version of 2018 Platinum. And notice that an Animation Lab bug still persist. I have a gear animation that if I render in quality mode before opening the AL pallet, TC crashes. For the long version, look for my thread in the Animation Lab section. Wish IMSI would work on bugs and not keep try to add minor things and call them new features.

Also, I never saved this project in 2018 and now it won't load in 2017. I reloaded it in 2018 and saved it as a 2017 file. When I open in in 2017, I get several warnings about features not supported in this version. When the drawing does open, it is incomplete, elements missing.

Not a good start with my evaluation of 2018.


* June 24, 2018, 04:53:10 AM
Did you manage to run the animation in v2018. If so, and under AnimationLab Options/preferences you had "Save drawing before running scenario" ticked, it would save the file in v2018 format.

How did you get Al in 2018,  did IMSI supply a file, or did you copy the palette from 2017.  I only ask because I have not seen an updated AL for 2018 (and the IMIS website still says AL is for v21 to 2017).

As for crashing, I couldn't try your scenario in Lightworks before because I didn't have it for 2017.  I just tried in 2018 64bit, AL palette closed, TC closed. opened TC, opened your file, rendered GDI mode - lightworks advanced render, opened AL palette, animated ok, no crash.

## Edit ##  Ok. played around with a few settings from the other thread, and got it to crash (freeze) by ticking open GL hardware acceleration, as Dean noticed in your other thread. Whether its Lightworks, OpenGL or AL, that causes the problem I've no idea.  ## End Edit ##
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* June 24, 2018, 07:06:33 AM
OK, the save before playing scenario was ticked, so that's a non issue, other than saving as TC2017, really doesn't work.

I used the launching tool for AL and it did see the 2018 install, but yes, I had to copy the pallet file over for it to show up.