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Lighting tweak please
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* March 15, 2018, 05:38:53 AM
Hoping that someone can help me tweak the lighting in the attached file

I'm using TC 21 Deluxe ... LightWorks.

The file contains a commercial building ... some parts are pictures that i Embedded (Wall panels / Grass) .. and a variety of Lightworks materials.

Basically ... The lights makes the walls glow .. whilst the Steel Blue garden walls have shadows on the top.
The scene is lighted more to the front and i would like it to look a little more as "Real World Daylight". ... Sun at 2pm. (North is to the left of the Model)

Also the glass elements could be better.

In the file i have 8 Views set up in Design Director, that will get you to the Spots
And (Properties) Rendering Quality, has all the Foreground Wireframes Ticked.

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* March 15, 2018, 10:57:39 AM
Don Cheke is better at this. The only ‘tweaks’ that I can see would be to turn down the Ambient, turn off "Sky_3" and always use "Raytrace Full" instead of "Full". Raytrace Full will use all the cores on a multi-core machine; Full just uses one.

John R.

V17—V21, 2015—2019
Designer, Deluxe, (Professional, Expert, Basic), Platinum
RedSDK enabled
Windows 10 Pro (1903), 64-bit

* March 16, 2018, 01:55:08 AM
Hi John ...
Thanking you for the input, as your tweak actually helped me out.

Attached is the Revised view ... Im using Spotlights to brighten up the frontage and side.
I can control (spot lights) where their placed and the direction they point.

It's the position / Direction of Sky & Headlight that does my head in at the moment, as i do not understand how they really function.
It appears that the Sky is a fixed position, no matter where i place it ... and the Headlight appears to just follow the View?

Any clarity on the above would help.