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Civil Design suite Issue
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* February 19, 2018, 05:41:44 AM
Below is a list of the issues/ problems that I am experiencing with Civil Design Suite:

•   I figured out how to import the points properly (well at least I think I have) however, I would like to know if there is a way to import the points on different layers so that I can differentiate between the points. For example, I would like all the points that represent manholes to be on a manhole layer, all the ground level points to be on another layer, all the points showing the railway line to be on its own layer, etc. I manage to import the points but if I try making a contour map with all the points then I am using points that do not indicate ground level thus making the contour map incorrect if I could make a contour map (I haven’t managed a contour map at all).
•   Once I have the points I use them to make triangles, I manage to get the triangles but I don’t actually know why one needs to make triangles in the first place. The help function in Civil design Suite does not explain any of this properly or effectively. All I know is that I need to produce the triangles so that I can make a surface.
•   I have only ever managed to make a surface once. I don’t know what I did but I think I did it by luck. I have tried quite a few times afterwards to replicate it but I have not managed. I am not sure if this is affected by the graphics mode of TurboCAD, i.e. RedSK mode or GDI ( I am not sure what the difference between the 2 are). Creating the surface the one time is the furthest I have managed to get.
•   Once I created the surface I could not do anything. Majority of the options below the Civil design Suite Tab were greyed out thus not allowing me to use them. I did manage once to convert the sides of the triangles to contour lines every time I clicked on a triangle line, but I highly doubt this is how one would go about creating a contour map because the contours made no sense.

Below is what I would really like to be able to do with Civil Design Suite:
•   Import Points on different layers.
•   Create a surface so that I can see the shape of the land in 3D
•   Create Contour map so that I can compare with the surveyors drawing that we receive.
•   Create cross-sections and Longitudinal sections where ever I need a section. For example, I would like to take cross-sections throughout the property every 10m or so, I would like to take longitudinal sections along all sewer lines, railway lines, roadways, pathways, water lines and any other item I may have forgotten.
•   I would like to know how to use the road option on Civil Design Suite. I have seen it in the Tab but I have never tried it.

Is it possible to get a detailed manual as well as some worked examples that I may work through to get to know this programme properly? We will need to use this programme very soon to its full capacity so that we can easily create earthwork drawings that we require.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.


* March 25, 2018, 12:42:18 PM
There is a YouTube video that might help. Search for "turbocad civil" on YouTube.com.