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TC consuming vast amounts RAM and crashing
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* November 10, 2017, 03:12:48 AM
Hi all IMSI havn't been able to help with a problem so I thought I could try this forum :'(

In a nutshell (well coconut) ...

Whenever, I move or adjust rendered entities TC consumes vast amounts of PC Ram until my computer crashes. In a few minutes I see (using taskmgr) TC gobble 5Gb+ ram and it can create 24Gb committed memory. My drawing file is only 1mb and quite simple in its content.

I have just started using Turbocad and put down a lot of the "low memory" messages I got down to my inexperience. However,
after TC crashed my PC seriously I opened a ticket with IMSI. This is what I wrote:

Turbocad 16 Pro - Platinum Edition 64-bit
Version 23.2 build 61.2
Serial number **********************
Computer system :
HP pavilion 15-AK085NA
Core i7 6700 2600GHz
8Gb Ram
Windows 10 64-bit
Intel HD Graphics 530
2TB hard drive
Problem: Turbocad consuming vast amounts of memory until PC becomes unusable. Can be watched by opening task manager. This occurs with attached drawing file and happens when the selected window is repeatedly positioned in wall. A few minutes of moving window is enough to cause memory problems. I don’t think the problem is peculiar to the selected dwg window. Any dwg modification of a rendered drawing seems to cause the problem. The PC becomes very sluggish and the screen goes blank then reappears after a few seconds.
Task manager shows the dramatic consumption of computer RAM. In the performance window of task manager I also see a large amount of cached ram (1-2Gb)
Any suggestion would be most appreciated.

Your system specification is good. I would suggest you upgrade your product to v2017 as it is working without any issue on v2017 and is more stable than the old versions.
You can upgrade to v2017 at $269.99 .

Please let me know if this was helpful and your issue is resolved. You are always welcome to have our assistance.

Now having had the problem I found a Dell 4-yr old desktop with 3.6Gb usable ram and a 250GB SSD and some sort of graphics card (ATI radeon?) and cannot repeat problem!

I am hoping that someone has had a similar problem and maybe resolved the issue by buying more RAM or installing an SSD. Or perhaps working in wireframe mode is the only solution?

What I don't want to do is just buy extra hardware in the hope of a solution.

Any suggestions appreciated.


* November 10, 2017, 04:07:51 AM
not sure if you may have confused support by putting Turbocad v16,  although you put version 23 (which is actually v2016) and 64 bit, they may not have read that far -   hence why they may have suggested upgrading, v16 was only 32bit and was limited on memory access).

How does TC cope with a new from scratch drawing,   if just affecting one file, can you post the file for someone to test, your system should be powerful enough, though I've never used on-board graphics so can't comment on that.

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November 10, 2017, 04:08:21 AM
I never edit geometry in a rendered mode and only sometimes use draft if the scene is very simple. I would not recommend it as leads to what you are experiencing as constant redrawing occurs.

Always Wireframe for me for any geometry editing!


V2020 & V2019 Plat 64bit + REDsdk Plugin, Lenovo P72 Laptop, Window 10 Pro for Workstations, Intel Xeon E-2186 CPU @ 2.90 Ghz (6 cores/12 threads), 32GB RAM, 512GB & 1TB SSD's, Nvidia P5200 c/w Max=Q Design GPU, Display UHD 3840 x 2160 pixels
TurboCAD user since V3 and Turbocad 3D V1.

* November 10, 2017, 09:51:00 AM
Hi Darrell - thanks for input. When I said rendered I should have said Draft.

Yes I eventually resorted to wireframe to stop the problem but I find wireframe can sometimes become a birds nest in places.

Also I don't get the problem on a desktop with less memory and an SSD.  I was kind of hoping someone would say I need an SSD drive...


* November 10, 2017, 10:52:40 AM
Hi Andy - thanks for input. I see you are also using laptop and the same TC 2016 Pro - Platinum Edition 64-bit
Version 23.2 build 61.2. But you have SSD disks and dedicated graphics.

I have posted my file and TC/TaskMgr screenshot. Bear in mind I am absolutely new to TC so anybody kind enough to check dwg please overlook clumsy work - I am getting better ;D

After repositioning the window in the screenshot about 6/7 times TC goes wild eating memory up to 5Gb+. It would have crashed with any more window moves.

I have contacted IMSI support to clarify which version I have. Turbocad 2017 may not have the problem -I will give the trial version a run. I am reluctant to start a new drawing from scratch because of the time to create a replica file.

Bearing in mind the file is ok on a desktop I am beginning to suspect an SSD would solve the issue.