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Scale Puzzle
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* November 07, 2017, 02:41:51 PM
Please Note: this is my second attempt at posting this - I inadvertently hit something that lost the first attempt, so apologies if in fact it does appear, making this an appoximate duplicate!

Is it possible to draw to enlarged scales?

All the Units menus I can find (in TC V19) offer scales from 1:1 (Full Size), then 1:2 (Half Size) thence down to 1:1000.

That works for drawing an item larger than the paper, but can someone please tell me how to draw an image larger than the real component so readable in the workshop and showing the correct dimensions? I wish to draw small components to magnified scales, but is it even possible? 

I discovered this when battling to draw a flanged bush: 3/4" diameter flange, 3/8"d. stem, overall 3/4" long. I magnified the grid to a workable size, but print preview showed just a lonely little splodge lost in an expanse of A4 paper - enlarging it distorted it and falsely enlarged the dimensions.

(Also drew it in section, not actually necessary though I need to make the real bush, but as an exercise - and wished I'd not tried to cross-hatch it!)


On TC Deluxe 19: hobby use.

* November 07, 2017, 03:04:32 PM
You can write the scale as you like, in the area where it say like 1:1000, just mark it and write 1000:1 and adjust the dimesion etc.
But the best and recomended way is always to draw in 1:1 and then just change the scale the same way in Paper Space viewport.
If it's just to make it possible to read, (not in scale) make a view in M Space that just cover the Object you want to show, insert that view in P Space and drag the "window" so it are nearly same size as the "paper" (A4 or what you like), in this case you dont set any scale in P space


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* November 07, 2017, 03:35:43 PM
Just ctrl + z to undo whatever you regret having done, Nigel, or undo to get back to that point if you want to redo it differently.  There's an "undo stack" built into the program, it's got a default 100-action level, if you've done that many in your editing session.   Pro versions have some capacity to undo something without having to undo everything that came afterwards, that's what's called "history-based" CAD, and to carry a 100-level undo/redo stack from one editing session until the next time the file's opened.
Also, don't be timid about making changes to program or file.  If you want to experiment, save your file under some name, bash away at whatever you think might work, and if it doesn't, close the file and reopen it from the saved version.  Unsuccessful efforts are banished, you're back to a known starting point.  Regarding the program, it's really, really hard, if not impossible to do irrevocable damage, so read the documentation, take a note of the steps that you take to do something, and if it doesn't work, the worst that can happen is that you suffer some inconvenience.
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