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General Training
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* October 26, 2017, 05:18:43 AM
I'm new to TurboCAD and have EE background. Looking to use - primarily on short term to just create 2D exploded view drawings of
electromechanical assemblies - including BOM's. So main operations I would need to know are:
1. Bringing in 3D objects, rotating and scaling them and placing them on a 2D drawing sheet.
2. Bringing in 3D objects of common items (screws, washers, etc) either from an internal library or vendor supplied
    3D models and scaling and rotating them.
2. Importing excel spreadsheets for BOM's

Looking for either training or tutorial on how to do these basic functions


October 26, 2017, 03:10:41 PM
1. Get the 2D tutorial.  It will be necessary for learning how to select and move objects, adjusting the Reference Points and snapping them to specific locations.  When I first got TurboCAD, I had no idea how to place objects, but once it was explained to me, I got along with it just fine.
2. Object Import is common.  The location of the command varies with almost each version of the software (I never understood that, but TurboCAD has a very flexible user interface, so you can adjust it as you want).  McMaster-Carr has 3D CAD files for most of the stuff they sell.  Use the STEP format for the best results (there is more than one, I just go with the highest-numbered version).
3. You can import information into Tables for adding a BOM to your document.  No personal experience with that command.  If you don't need any special formatting, you can also import into a Multi-Text Object.


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