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Keyboard Shortcuts
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* October 09, 2017, 08:56:33 AM
Hello! I'm recently learning TurboCad and coming from a strong Revit background.  I was very happy to learn about how to set up keyboard commands for several of my most recent tools, that saves me a lot of time and I can insert similar commands to the ones I used in Revit (though I have found that I can't do double letter commands, I have to do R instead of RO for rotate).
I have found a way to create a keyboard command for "Move Selected Entities", but as of yet, I still have to manully click the boxes down at the bottom left that state whether that object will be "Repeat" and/or "Keep Original Object".  I'd love to insert a keyboard command for "Keep Original Object" but I don't see that option on the long list of available keyboard commands. Any advice?  Is it possible?  Thanks!