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Bend to Path: Avoiding Distortion
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* August 10, 2017, 06:15:05 PM
If the path used with the Bend to Path tool is a Spline, the resulting object will be distorted unless the vertices of the curve are uniformly spaced. In the attached screenshot, the vertices of the red curve are not uniformly spaced and we see that the sawteeth of the bent object are also not uniformly spaced. The blue curve does have uniformly spaced vertices and the teeth in the bent object are spaced correctly.

Here's a way to create a curve with uniformly spaced vertices, starting with one whose vertices are spaced any old way: Draw a tiny sphere and use the Pattern on Curve tool to place a number of copies of the sphere along the curve. Make only enough copies to define the curve with reasonable accuracy. Explode the Pattern several times, until the Selection Info palette reports it as a collection of ACIS Solids. Then use the Spline by Fit Points tool to trace a new path, snapping to the COE of each little sphere to define its vertices.

Henry H