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Common Workpace
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* July 18, 2017, 05:50:44 AM

I know a workspace is changed after users needs.

However it's many pro here and some is sharing tutorials and tips and trips.
If not done already could it be an idea to make an "common space" so us newbies could use and even teachers swap to
in cases we discuss ? Like menu, palettes light source etc. ??

Best regards


* July 18, 2017, 06:11:54 AM
Hei AldriStopp

It's nearly not possible as everybody make their own cfg's :) and in most cases forget from where they original started before changing, and also what version Pro, Pro Platinum, Deluxe or Designer, default or lte mode, and to make it more fun, they also meve the tools around in different years :)
If everybody use the Default cfg it would been very easy, but not everybody like that UI, i dont.


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* July 28, 2017, 08:20:10 AM
Whilst an interesting idea, as Torfinn states, its not practical,  As well as the things Torfinn mentioned, at one time (years ago) IMSI split TC into basic + mechanical plugin or Architectural Plug-in (or both), plus now IMSI has just scrapped Pro Basic, and brought out TC Expert (which I haven't seen but it looks like an enhanced version of Deluxe).

Could I respectfully suggest adding information to ones signature -
TC Version (v21, v2017 etc.).   TC Type (Designer, Platinum etc.).   RedSDK or Lightworks.
Workspace type could also be added there (Default, Classic, Ribme. (you won't have that last one)).
Some also add computer spec.

That way anyone commenting on a post would know what the setup is and can switch workspaces if required (not often necessary unless the answer is regarding a menu item) just for that one post,  assuming its kept updated as people change programme..