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How to Switch Middle Mouse Button to Pan instead of Dynamic Examine
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* May 16, 2017, 12:26:43 AM
If you only work in 2d it may be more efficient to set the mouse wheel to pan when you hold it down instead of rotate.

To do this go to Tools-->Workspace-->Customize. On the options tab of the customize window click on the button that says ‘Additional Devices Setup’.  In the following window on the right hand side you will see an area marked ‘Wheel Assignment’ That has a drop down menu. In the drop down menu select ‘Hold’ the under commands above select Dynamic Pan. Click Assign. Then click Apply. Then click Ok. After this holding down the mouse wheel will allow you to pan the drawing around instead of using the window sliders.


* May 16, 2017, 09:05:57 AM
Instead of reassigning the Dynamic Examine command, a user could simply hold down the "Ctrl & Shift" keys (along with the mouse wheel) to "pan".

"Ctrl+Wheel" for Dynamic Zoom.
"Shift+Wheel" for Dynamic Roll where your current view is rotated.

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