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alternative nudge mode
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* November 08, 2016, 01:15:43 PM
An alternative nudge mode could be introduced in TC by giving the Inspector Bar's delta x,y,z boxes locks.  Most apps require an increment setup beforehand, then use arrow or numeric keys for direction, but if the IB's deltas could be locked, increments could be entered as needed.  Or code some rudimentary smarts by having an increment assumed when the lock is checked, perhaps the increment could be related to the zoom factor (larger when zoom's low, inversely smaller when zoom's high?) or overridden by entering a figure, then each nudge would be consecutive tab-and-enter.  The edit tool deltas enable this mode already, without auto increment of course, when not in selector mode.  The move tool's repeat option implies that it should work this way, too, but not in my tests.  Maybe related to translation recording, I'm thinking.